In a "Garage" little stories that began with passion and discipline

became great living legends.


What better place to start innovations in your company?


This shows that simplicity is the best ally of ingenuity and that provenance

always surprises us to delight us with their potential.


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Marna Garage

Innovation and Business Center

We are an international consultancy for innovation and design of applications, which helps our clients in the new era of business. We transform organizations through Design Thinking to design products, services and digital experiences in a disruptive way. We use digital innovation platforms and cognitive computing to create innovative applications together with our customers in their own environment. Our pillars of work are:


• Business Innovation

• Global methodologies and work practices

• Human talent (teams) of high level

• Digital innovation platforms for application development.


Why do we do what we do?

To respond to the society and the productive sector to adapt in the new era, starting from strategies and tools of Innovation, making a competitive difference, we want to work with companies (Business Innovation), civil organizations, universities and government (Social Innovation) to create value through strategies and the execution of solutions (Technological Innovation) that result in new opportunities for sustainable and productive development.


Business Innovation

Entrepreneurs who have gone from rhetoric to action with regard to innovation, join with those who can help them generate more value from knowledge and technology. Innovation is in the hands of the whole society (including entrepreneurs) and the result of the leadership of each one of us. Entrepreneurs must move faster than their competitors to provide relevant knowledge and technology, also be willing to interact with researchers and communities to improve the quality of life that society seeks and thus create a truly prosperous environment.



Innovation and Business Center

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