Business Innovation

We are at the door of a new era and entering the 4th industrial revolution. Organizations and companies in the world are not prepared for this new era, that is why we have designed an Innovation workshop that will allow them to create disruptive business models.


The 4th Industrial Revolution

Innovation and Business Center

We are an international consultancy for innovation and design of applications, which helps our clients in the new era of business. We transform organizations through Design Thinking to design products, services and digital experiences in a disruptive way. We use IBM Bluemix which is a powerful platform for digital innovation and we are also beginning to enter the world of Cognitive

 Computing through IBM Watson, so other companies with our help can create innovative applications from their own environment. Our pillars of work are: Business Innovation, Global methodologies and work practices, Human Talent (team) of high level and Digital innovation platforms for application development.

High level human talent (team)

"It is no coincidence that some of the most innovative and influential technological discoveries of recent decades have emerged in garages"

I invite you to meet my team at Marna Garage

Dr. Arsenio Pérez

CEO & Founder

Work Methodologies

We use Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Extreme Programming, Agile Development y DevOps  to support companies in creating value by developing innovative applications.

The first steps to start

Start with

a disruptive idea


Define the MVP

(Minimum Viable Product)

Experiment and

design the application


Build in Cloud

Integrate what

you have today



Innovation Tools

Marna Garage is committed to putting all its experience and resources available to help you with security and improve your productivity and growth.

We take advantage of our model of business innovation to deliver quality and consistency; the use of powerful platforms such as IBM Bluemix, IBM Watson and Microsoft Azure guarantee an agile and efficient development of innovative and cognitive applications.

Innovation and Business Center

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