Automatic attention with  Artificial Intelligence

A Virtual Agent (Chatbot) has the ability to maintain consistency in long conversations. It recognizes the channel and obtains information from users to deliver a customized solution.


Innovation in business

The cognitive age is the revolution of technology applied to business. In short, these are technological solutions capable of processing information to solve situations and problems with reasoning similar to human. Technology is a core aspect that companies should already have. Adopting the digital megatrends in its strategy of relationship with the customer becomes essential to meet the new needs of consumers in this era of constant revolution.



Probably the most noticeable benefit for companies in a short term, since this type of technologies are able to automate processes, information, questions and frequent transactions, managing to reduce operating costs in companies and an increase in sales and productivity due to the automatic resolutive capacity in real time, allowing the human to focus on complex tasks or in cases that demand second level attention.

The innovation steps of today

The North American retailer Macy's has developed an app for its customers to ask, talking via phone, for the products they have in stock. Imperial College London University teaches its students to predict crime in the city. The British pharmaceutical firm GlaxoSmithKline has developed digital ads for its anti-flu medicines that answer the questions your customers ask them, through voice or text, about their symptoms. All these initiatives are possible thanks to Watson. But who is Watson? "It's an artificial intelligence system that uses cognition, the same process that human beings use to learn," explains Alain-Paul Michaud, Watson's commercial executive at IBM Latin America, the company that created him in 2006. That cognitive ability allows Watson to understand from the structured language of computers to human language, understand the context and ambiguities of the language, and apply linguistic models and algorithms to extract their meaning and give logical answers.


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